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What’s Behind Our Name “Healing Crucible™”?

healing crucible

A “crucible” is a vessel that holds molten metal. It is where different metals are melted together in order to create something new. Crucibles have been around for thousands of years and are still in use today in both fine art and manufacturing. For example, your dentist has a crucible and the silver used in computers is refined in crucibles.

A “healing crucible” is a metaphor for human beings—each a unique, glowing, resilient vessel in which profound change can take place. We are all crucibles melting together our own understanding of the knowledge we have obtained. This knowledge comes from the people around us, the books we have read, the things we have seen and learned. So, while we are all crucibles, each one of us is unique and has different abilities. When we learn new things and put them together with what we know, it changes our understanding and creates a new metal. We all do it!

Whether you are person looking for help at our Healing Crucible Wellness Center or a practitioner looking to help others through our Cleansing Flow Workshops, when you add the experience and knowledge to your own “healing crucible," your melting pot of knowledge, it is going to change your healing metal into something new that will assist you on your life’s journey to health, happiness, and peace.