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Susan's Story


Healing Crucible™ founder, Susan Nelson Boser, spent the first 20 years of her career as a corporate executive and business consultant. Then in 2005, in a very unlikely move, both to her and to those who knew her well, she became involved in the birth of the energy healing movement, Cleansing Flow™.  To understand the story of Cleansing Flow™ and how it came to be and what is coming next, one must go back in time a little bit.

Throughout her career, Susan has always seen it as her role to provide a supportive environment where people can do their best work and grow, personally and professionally. That purpose gave her a sense of fulfillment and helped her through her corporate years. It also drove her spiritually to seek the truth about the universe and why we are here. While working or following her spiritual path, Susan was always aware that there was something out there guiding her.

Spiritual and energy healing ideas started to come together for Susan in 2005, when she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  She had spent the previous two years working within the medical system trying to understand the cause of her health issues. Now she had a diagnosis, but was not given much hope of a recovery. She quickly learned that conventional medical treatments were limited mainly to prescription drugs, and learning how to live with the disease.

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