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Advanced Practice Training

Workshop Students at Work

Why Attend Advanced Practice
Cleansing Flow™ Workshops? 


Here are four good reasons...

1. Treat the Root Cause of Chronic Conditions

Cleansing Flow™ Wellness Programs unite ancient and contemporary energy healing with emotional and nutritional healing disciplines to naturally treat the root cause of chronic disease.


2. Empower Your Clients to Heal Themselves

Cleansing Flow™ is founded on the principle of self-healing. Only the client can really heal themselves. Learn how to empower clients to take control of their own health and restore wellness.


3. Expand Your Healing Gifts

Learn how to blend your unique healing knowledge and gifts with Cleansing Flow to give them broader application to help people with chronic conditions.


4. Serve More People

Millions of people are impacted by chronic health conditions and they need your help! Chronic illness has become a widespread issue, for women and men. We all know someone close to us who is suffering. Learn how to help your family, friends, and clients reclaim their health and happiness.


For more information on workshop CEU's see the Workshop Description.

Click here for more details on the workshop schedule and how to register.

“I immediately integrated the technique into my healing practice, because it flows beautifully with my modalities. Also, I can see how it promotes greater long term self-healing. I love that the client becomes part of their own healing solution with self-care! Thank you for sharing! “

~Claire Kristina
Intuitive, Spiritual and Sound Healer
Reiki Master
Minneapolis, MN