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Background on Cleansing Flow™

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Story Behind Cleansing Flow™

Healing Crucible™ founder, Susan Nelson Boser, spent the first 20 years of her career as a corporate executive and business consultant. Then in 2005, in a very unlikely move, both to her and to those who knew her well, she became involved in the birth of the energy healing movement, Cleansing Flow™. To understand the story of Cleansing Flow™ and how it came to be and what is coming next, one must go back in time a little bit.

Throughout her career, Susan has always seen it as her role to provide a supportive environment where people can do their best work and grow, both personally and professionally. That purpose gave her a sense of fulfillment and helped her through her corporate years. It also drove her spiritually to seek the truth about the universe and why we are here. While working or following her spiritual path, Susan was always aware that there was something out there guiding her.

Spiritual and energy healing ideas started to come together for Susan in 2005, when she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. She had spent the previous two years working within the medical system trying to understand the cause of her health issues. Now she had a diagnosis, but was not given much hope of a recovery. She quickly learned that conventional medical treatments were limited mainly to prescription drugs, and learning how to live with the disease.

Well, that plan wasn’t good enough. Susan knew her body wouldn’t tolerate drugs and she wanted a cure, not just a cover up. She wanted her life back and nothing short of that was going to do! She had always been a very driven, health conscious and active person. She was positive there was another solution and with God’s help she was determined to find it.

On Susan’s journey to find answers, she started to look at alternative methods. She read books, searched the internet, and attended different alternative health and living events. It was through these materials and events that she learned how to connect to God/Pure Source and receive guidance from the Angel realm.

At first, what the Angels showed Susan seemed so basic and natural, just a step-by-step procedure for turning around her fibromyalgia. However, after helping herself and more people, she started to understand what a wonderful gift she had been given for energetically treating debilitating autoimmune conditions. When she asked the Angels why they had shown her something so effective, the answer from the Angels was clear. They not only wanted her to help people, but to share it with other energy practitioners in order to extend the knowledge and help even more people.

Now she understood that she needed to go beyond the clients she was able to see and find a way to share this knowledge with as many practitioners as possible. However, lack of formal energy healing training was a concern. The Angels quickly reassured her that they would teach what was needed and when practitioners saw it, they would understand.  So, having no formal training would not matter.

Susan spent the next 7 years –from 2005-2012– receiving, understanding, developing and refining guided knowledge on energetically treating autoimmune conditions. In 2009, Healing Crucible™ was officially established to help people with chronic conditions. That same year, Healing Crucible™ Wellness Center was launched, and the first Advanced Practice Cleansing Flow™ Workshop was taught. Since then, the Angels have been expanding the information to cover other chronic diseases (e.g., cancer started late in 2011 and Lyme diseases in spring of 2013.)

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Nondenominational and Accepting of Everyone

Because Healing Crucible™ works with God (Pure Source) and Angels, people often assume Cleansing Flow™ has a religious affiliation. However, Cleansing Flow™ is not affiliated with any specific religious or spiritual belief. Healing Crucible™ believes that the Angels are messengers sent by God to help everyone. The word “archangel” comes from the Greek words archaggelos (archangelos) meaning chief angel and aggelos (angelos) which means messenger. Angels are not assigned to certain religions. Instead, different religions adopted the Angels when they brought their messages to them.

Working with Angels, Guides or Spirits is an individual experience.  Each practitioner has his or her own spiritual beliefs and understandings. In the Advanced Practice Cleansing Flow™ Workshops, the knowledge and events are presented as they were given from the Angels and written for the course materials as closely as possible to the original teachings. From there, students/practitioners are empowered to blend the information in whatever way makes the most sense to them and their healing practice.

Students who would like to seek out their own understanding of Angels are strongly encouraged to do so. There are many authors and teachers that have written about Angels, including religious texts, books or the plethora of information on the internet.

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Cleansing Flow™ is developed from guided knowledge from God/Pure Source and the Angel realm, including the Archangels. A majority of the guided information was received through the Healing Crucible™ Wellness Center in Minnesota. The insights and experiences are developed into wellness programs, including energy healing techniques and treatment protocols. When the programs are ready, they become the basis for advanced practice training workshops for experienced energy practitioners. The Angels asked Susan to be the custodian of the guided knowledge. A crucial aspect of the job is to maintain the essence of the information and protect it from unguided change.

The Cleansing Flow™ energy healing techniques are steeped in ancient knowledge that is pure and simple. However, they are put together in a new way to work with chronic diseases of our time. The techniques are intended to complement--and in no way replace--the practitioners existing healing gifts and knowledge and so they easily blend with other energy healing modalities. Therefore we refer to Cleansing Flow™ as a blending modality.

The theories behind Cleansing Flow™ techniques are founded on basic human anatomy (down to the cellular level), human energy systems (e.g., energy fields and centers) and energetic principles (e.g., universal energy beliefs and how the healing partnership works). Existing energy modalities like Healing Touch Program™, the Barbara Brennan School of Healing®, and Reiki training teach these theories and principles, so they are not repeated in this program. As advanced practice training, Cleansing Flow™ Workshops only accept students who are experienced energy practitioners already trained in the basics of energy healing and the professional aspects of conducting a practice legally and ethically.

In addition to the techniques, Cleansing Flow™ Wellness Programs will provide a theoretical understanding of the cause of the disease, effective case management tools and self-healing training for clients. Cleansing Flow™ is meant to work hand-in-hand with other healing disciplines. The wellness programs involve multiple healthcare professionals working together, each providing their unique skills to help achieve the best possible outcome for the client. Cleansing Flow™ Wellness Programs are meant to bring the medical and energy healing communities closer together and expand modern medicine’s understanding of disease.

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Guidance and Development of Information

When Susan took on her role, it was not a straightforward learning process. Like anything else, it took time to develop the skills and knowledge needed. That is part of the reason the original training on autoimmune conditions took so long. The information from the Angels is always simple. However, it usually does not come in a linear way and the answers are not just handed to her. She has to do her homework, work for understanding, ask the right questions, integrate the knowledge, and stay open to the possibilities.

When Susan is connected to God/Pure Source and working with the Angels and those from the Light, she receives information in many ways. The communication can come by hearing or by having what feels like a discussion. They may also show her pictures, give her whole ideas or knowledge on subjects she never knew before. The most common time they communicate is when she is working on a client, or when she is quiet or doing mundane tasks like; when she is just waking up, as she is washing dishes, when she is playing computer solitaire, or even as she is watching her daughter’s soccer game.

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Purpose, Process and the Practitioner’s Role

Very simply, the purpose of Cleansing Flow™ is to remove the baggage that is blocking the client from hearing his or her inner messages. The baggage can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

The practitioner, while connected to God/Pure Source, works as part of a healing team or partnership with the client and the Angels. The practitioner guides the healing process but it is the partnership between the practitioner and the client and the process of calling in help from Angels (or Guides) in the form of intentions that allows the possibilities to occur.

Most of the time, what occurs is a healing process that takes time versus a miracle that is instantaneous. One of the most important aspects of a healing is the learning and growth that accompanies the process. That is true for both the client and the practitioner.

Cleansing Flow™ Wellness Programs call for a series of energy healing sessions that can influence a person’s approach to life. It can bring them back to a more balanced place so they can start over and make better life decisions. Usually clients do not enter the process with this change in mind. Typically, the underlying reason for their disease or illness is not known to them. Clients’ goals are usually to eliminate their suffering without having to make any uncomfortable or major changes. The Angels do not want to just fix things only to have the client continue on the same destructive path. They want to put the client on the course for naturally healing - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The task of the practitioner is to provide clients some degree of pain relief, set up their bodies to start correcting naturally, and empower them to practice daily self-healing.  Practitioners also need to recognize when to refer the client to another healthcare provider. As the sessions progress, clients will start to recognize their personal obstacles and the amount of control they have with their own health and well-being.

For clients to maintain their newfound feeling of wellness, they must continue to practice daily self-healing. Over time, this will restore clients’ self awareness. This enhances their ability to hear and take action on their inner messages.

After a few sessions, the practitioner may notice that the client is not ready to make the changes needed to become well. Maybe the client does not want to face an issue that has been buried or is afraid to let go of addictive prescription medications. Whatever the reason, the practitioner cannot help clients until there is readiness and willingness to change. Hopefully, down the road they will experience a change of heart and realize the possibilities for healing naturally.

As practitioners, we can help change things just by realizing what is possible. The Angels show us; it is not complicated. We imagine the possibility. We see it as being fulfilled. And if it is aligned with the person’s highest good, it is energetically done!  We need to have an attitude that our ideas can be fulfilled. As humans we tend to put limitations on things that we cannot see or understand. We develop tunnel vision on what is possible. As practitioners, we have to realize the healing possibilities for client will come true.

When beneficial results are experienced, it is not the practitioner who has changed anything. The change happens because the practitioner did not stand in the way. The practitioner is just the middle person, the conduit or the cord, that remains open to the possibilities so the Angels (or Guides) and the client can do their job. When the practitioner’s connection to God/Pure Source are clear and s/he works as part of a team, the possibilities are endless.

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Conditions for Studying and Practicing Cleansing Flow™

Advanced Practice Cleansing Flow™ training includes guided energy healing techniques and client wellness programs that are meant to complement and blend with the practitioner’s current gifts and modalities. As an advanced practice workshop we do not teach basic energy healing principles and techniques, or instruct practitioners how to legally and ethically set up and conduct a practice. As such, we require the following conditions from the practitioners:

Workshop Prerequisite

Practitioners who attend the Advanced Practice Cleansing Flow™ Workshop must be experienced in another energy healing modality (i.e., Healing Touch Level 3 or equivalent).

Code of Ethics

Practitioners must be practicing in accordance with the code of ethics of their current licensing and/or credentialing organization. Code of ethics should include, at a minimum:

  • Representing themselves within the scope of their background.
  • Providing a professional, private and safe environment for their clients without discrimination.
  • Using their abilities only for the benefit of the client.
  • Providing respectful care and permission to touch.
  • Knowing the limits of their professional competence and not stepping beyond these boundaries.
  • Providing an explanation of the treatment and clearly informing the client of the nature and terms of service.


Scope of Practice

Practitioners must understand and comply with the laws of the state(s) in which they are offering their services as well as applicable federal regulations which may include, but not be limited to:

  • Obtaining or maintaining a license to touch.
  • Receive permission to heal through the informed consent.
  • Disclosing education through client bill of rights.
  • Meeting client confidentiality requirements by following state and federal privacy regulations and HIPAA regulations.
  • Carrying liability/malpractice insurance, and maintaining business licenses. 
  • Not diagnosing, prescribing, or treating medical conditions or disorders unless they hold a license which permits them to do so.

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