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Practitioner Testimonials


“I am so excited to add Cleansing Flow to my practice! This is an exceptional healing modality especially geared towards chronic conditions. The techniques fit so naturally with my Healing Touch techniques. I heartily recommend that my fellow HT practitioners add this modality to their tool bag!“

Ingrida Kancans-McLaughlin
White Bear Lake, MN



"I see Cleansing Flow™ as prep for much deeper work. I can see using it whether working with an autoimmune client or not. I like the materials.  Everything is impressive looking, very professional and beautiful."

~Lauri Pointer
Fort Collins, CO


“You will be so pleased with how well you can integrate your own gifts and modalities with the Cleansing Flow™. Cleansing Flow™ allows for greater self-healing long term. I immediately integrated the technique into my healing practice, because it flows beautifully with my modalities. Also, I can see how it promotes greater long term self-healing. I love that the client becomes part of their own healing solution with self-care! Thank you for sharing!"

~Claire Kristina
Intuitive, Reiki Master
Minneapolis, MN

"I love the program and the essence and purity of it. The Cleansing Flow™ techniques were simple, steeped in ancient knowledge and guided like Janet Mentgen's. Certain truths about how the divine works through us never changes."

~Barbara Salage
Arvada, CO

“The Cleansing Flow™ is a simple, yet thorough process which empowers the client toward self-wellness. You will appreciate the encouragement of creativity in the workshop helping you blend the Cleansing Flow™ with your healing gifts and past energy training. I released more resistance in a one day workshop than I have in 15 years of studying healing. The instructors are not only inspirational healers, but will empower you to be one also.

~Connie Gundy
Spiritual Mentor
Minneapolis, MN

“I’ve used Cleansing Flow™ on a number of clients and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Clients are reporting amazing results and I can feel myself facilitating the healing energy more optimally and relaxing with this process. It fits so well with who I am and what I do! “

~CJ Reiber

Life Coach, Intuitive
St. Paul, MN

“I took the Cleansing Flow™ Workshop two months ago and learned how to blend my massage therapy and Healing Touch knowledge with the Cleansing Flow™ modality. I have two fibromyalgia clients currently participating in the Cleansing Flow Program; one is on her fifth session and the other on her third.  I have another client starting next week too.  The change in my first client is awesome, and I almost felt I should apologize when in her last session I couldn't find much more to work on :)  We have had some amazing experiences together in this journey...we say WOW a lot!

~Tanya Hanson
Certified Massage Therapist, Healing Touch Level 3
Renville, MN

"This workshop opened my view to asking for my Angels to be with me. This work will allow me to go to a much deeper level with my clients and to help them heal, feeling nurtured and loved along the way.  Thank you for your warm manner and for sharing your knowledge."

~Judy Seiber
Healing Touch Level 4
Coon Rapids, MN

"I learned a wealth of knowledge. I learned to use my Angels, trust myself and embrace it.  I will use Cleansing Flow™ with my Reiki. I feel I can stir debris and things up with Reiki and I can cleanse and release with the flow. This workshop was fabulous. Hands down to any workshop I have attended."

~Shannon McGuire
Savage, MN

"I enjoyed the program very much and could feel what was happening during the flow process. I can't wait to work on clients and look forward to Cleansing Flow™ Level 2!"

~Susan Johnson
Lake Elmo, MN

"I feel like I can be more connected to my higher guidance in my client sessions. I will use the introduction, flow and all techniques in my practice."

~Pat Limoges
Lakeville, MN



“I very much appreciate how Cleansing Flow will enhance and amplify the modalities of my practice. It was great to have an awareness of the Angelic energies as they participate in the work.”

Sally K.
RN, Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner, Lymph Drainage Therapist
South St. Paul, MN

“I loved the workshop. I was really able to establish a strong connection and communication with my team of Angels. The workshop was very well run with excellent instructors.

Penny Roberts
Reiki II, MetAlign Student, Energy Healing Facilitator
Excelsior, MN