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energetically treat autoimmune conditions


Autoimmune Conditions


Celiac Disease, Crohn's Disease, Fibromyalgia, Lupus,
Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and More





Cause and Effect

Traditional medicine has many different theories on the causes of autoimmune conditions, primarily directed at the physical symptoms. Although no certain causes or cures are known, research is looking at sources such as infections with bacteria or viruses, poor diet, reactions to certain drugs or environmental toxins, or the effects of certain diseases, including problems with the central nervous system. Some believe stress—both physical and psychological—may also play a role in some way.

Our understanding of the cause and effects of autoimmune conditions is described below. It reveals a substantial connection between the physical symptoms and a person’s emotional, mental, and spiritual state.

The Root Cause

Stress is the common thread running through all autoimmune conditions. In this case, stress is defined as something that has been gradually building over time because of various emotionally charged events or circumstances.

The Effects of Stress

Stress affects the body’s environment triggering changes at the cellular level, starting with the natural cleansing system. If corrections are not made it can ultimately create wide spread pain, disturbances, and abnormalities across multiple body systems, including; muscular, skeletal, nervous, digestive, and endocrine systems, as well as skin and other connective tissues, eyes, blood, and blood vessels. At this point, if not before, a person will likely be diagnosed by a healthcare professional with one of over a hundred types of autoimmune conditions


Our Program

The Cleansing Flow™ Wellness Program for Autoimmune Conditions provides a natural solution to treat autoimmune conditions. We have been successfully helping people get back to doing the things they love since 2005.

The way that stress is gradually manifested over time in the form of physical symptoms is different for each individual.  Because the cause is unknown, traditional medicine categorizes autoimmune conditions based primarily on physical symptoms. That is why medical science has defined so many different types of autoimmune conditions.

The Cleansing Flow™ Program has only three types of autoimmune conditions. They are defined based on similarities in the origin of stress, the root cause. We categorize them as Stress Level 1, 2 and 3.

Our Program has three phases: Assessment, Treatment, and Maintenance.



The practitioner will complete a Cleansing Flow™ Stress Level Assessment, usually during the first session. The Assessment is an important part of identifying the type of stress and other factors important to placing the client in the appropriate treatment protocol.



A series of Cleansing Flow™ healing sessions (typically 6-8) and daily self-healing are at the foundation of each treatment protocol. An integrative approach is used, working collaboratively with multiple healthcare providers. When the protocol is followed as prescribed it can bring clients back to a more balanced place relatively quickly and hopefully make changes that will put them on a better path.


The Main Goals of the Program are to:

  • Restore the body’s natural cleansing system
  • Focus energetic repair on health issues
  • Discover the root cause and release emotional stress
  • Find Freedom from destructive patterns
  • Empower self-care practices


Client Benefits:

  • Recover from illness naturally, without the use of drugs. Remember what it is like to feel good.
  • Regain outlook on life through a holistic approach that looks at the big picture, including; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.
  • Realize own potential to take back control of health, happiness and peace with self-care practices.


The Cleansing Flow™ Practitioner will Provide:

  • A consultation during the first extended session to clearly understand the client’s situation.
  • A review of the cause and effects of the disease. We have found that the clients who are aware of what caused their illness in the first place have the most success with the Program.
  • Healing sessions that are typically one hour.
  • Self-healing Training. Clients are active participants in every aspect of the Program. Practicing daily Cleansing Flow™ Self-healing is a crucial component for clients to learn how to take care of themselves.
  • An option to choose an integrative approach, working collaboratively with multiple healthcare disciplines to provide the best outcome.
  • Support and guidance throughout the Program. The goal is to move clients through the Program as quickly as possible. If the protocol is followed as prescribed, it typically takes six to eight weeks to complete.




By the time clients reach the Maintenance Phase they are feeling empowered to take care of themselves. Clients are encouraged to continue practicing daily Cleansing Flow™ self-healing to stay on track and keep feeling well. Overtime, practicing self-healing will also heighten their awareness and bring clarity regarding other things they can do to continue on the path to health, happiness and peace.


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