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Healing Crucible™ Wellness Center Team

Our practitioners are experienced energy healers (e.g., performed hundreds of client sessions) and have been specially trained in the Cleansing Flow™ Program. Our goal is to partner with you to find health, happiness, and peace.

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Susan Nelson Boser

Healing Crucible™ Founder

susan nelson boser

Susan suffered with fibromyalgia for several years before being diagnosed in 2005. Not happy with her doctor’s recommendation for treatment with prescription medications, she set out on journey to find answers.

Her journey quickly led her to a series of healing sessions with her cousin-in-law and four Archangels—Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel. Within weeks Susan was feeling well. Fascinated with what was happening, Susan went home after each session and wrote down the information received from the Angels. At the time, she had no idea the information would lead to the birth of the energy healing movement, Cleansing Flow™.

Guided by the Archangels, Healing Crucible™ was established in 2009 to help people heal naturally from chronic disease. As a founder of Healing Crucible™, Susan is passionate about helping people with chronic health conditions and teaching them how to take back control of their own health, happiness, and peace.


Tim McConville

Healing Crucible™ Practitioner and Instructor

Tim McConville Tim blends Cleansing Flow™ with his Healing Touch and other energy modalities to effectively guide clients to self empowerment and control of their health. His intuitive healing work serves a wide variety of health conditions and he has helped hundreds of clients. Tim also volunteers his energy healing gifts in hospitals and long term care settings.

Tim is also very accomplished and well respected Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and Instructor. Tim has retired from his first career as an environmental engineer to devote more time to helping you heal